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Led By Imam Rashid


Muslim hajj 2018 The accommodation was satisfactory and there was sufficient amount of information provided by the Shaikh. The staff were always there when needed. Hajj document requirement
Sameer Khan

Muslim hajj 2018 This Hajj was very good and a great experience, which I never thought about before, I believe everyone in our group as much as I know they all enjoyed very much. There was good service from Al Noor Haj & Umra group with very minimum of problems or inconvenience caused in my 18 days of travel with you. I am very much thinking of joining your group once again. Hajj document requirement
Adeel Badar

Muslim hajj 2018 Thank you very much for arranging my Umra trip. By the Grace of Allah SWT, all went very well. Overall it was fantastic from every aspect. Hajj document requirement
Mujaddid Chohan

Muslim hajj 2018 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Al Noor Haj & Umra for a lovely trip to the two holy mosques. Me & my family all had a wonderful time & feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity from Allah Most High. We all hope to receive another invitation soon inshaAllah. Hajj document requirement
Bilawal Khan

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