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Frequently Ask Qustions

Accommodations & Transportation
Who provides the transportation to the hotel?

If you are traveling with the group Al Noor Hajj will provide all the transportation insha’Allah.

Does the Hajj package include transportation from Muzdalifa to Mina, from Mina to Makkah (for Tawaf Ifaada), from Mina to Makkah (for Tawaf Wida)?

Yes, if you are with the group. If you are not with the group, then you will have to arrange for your own transportation. Al Noor Hajj will not be able to reimburse you.

How many people can stay in a room?

Madina: QUAD occupancy meaning FOUR people per room. Makkah: TRIPLE occupancy meaning THREE people per room. Aziziyah: FOUR to FIVE people per room However at an additional cost you can choose to have QUAD, TRIPLE or DUAL occupancy in the hotel rooms in Makkah and Madina.

General Questions
Will there be any training classes in Sunrise, FL for the rituals to be performed during Hajj?

Classes will be held two to three weeks prior to our departure insha’Allah. Once your reservation is complete we will send a book on Hajj, Supplication book and some CDs insha’Allah.

Can we go to another country after Hajj?

Yes you can go to other destinations at an additional cost. Please specify other destinations in your reservation form and Al Noor Hajj representative will contact you regarding the price and your return dates to US.

Are the dates listed in the package final? If not, what is the possible variance?

The dates are final, but there is room for flexibility if the passenger wishes to travel on a different day.

Am I going to meet Al Noor Hajj people at the airport before my departure?

Al Noor Hajj Group representatives will be at the airport to provide you with any assistance that you might need and will be traveling with you in the same flight. Please remember to have your ID on and remember to have your luggage tags attached to your luggage prior to your departure to the airport so you may have a quick check-in process.

Can single woman perform Hajj without a Mahram through Al Noor Hajj?

Saudi authorities allow single women over the age of 45 years to travel in a group without a mahram.

Luggage and Passport Handling
How many luggage pieces are we allowed to take with us?

Checked Baggage per person: 2 pieces. Weight allowed per piece: 50 lbs. Qatar Airline Suitcase Dimensions: 158 cms. Hand Luggage per person: One carry-on. Weight allowed 15 lbs. Qatar Airline dimensions for hand luggage: 50 x 37 x 25 cm

Can the kids have the same amount of luggage as adults?

Yes, children two years or older can carry the same amount of luggage as adults.

What is the significance of my ID card and luggage tags?

Your ID card should be on at all times starting from your departure from USA until your departure back from Saudi Arabia. It is extremely important so that Al Noor Hajj representatives can recognize you and can assist you with any needs that you may require. If you are lost Saudi guards or other people will be able to help you as your ID card will have all your pertinent information. The luggage tags are very valuable so the luggage can be identified throughout the trip.

How do you manage the luggage during Manasik period?

Your extra luggage will stay in Azizyah and will be accessible to you at all times. The building in Aziziyah is very close to Jamaraat. However we highly recommend that you take everything that you will need for Hajj days including your medicines so you can utilize that time for your Ibadah.

Who will have my passport?

You will carry your passport until we reach Saudi Arabia. From there through out the trip the passports will be in the possession of Saudi authorities (Muttawaf).

Does Al Noor Hajj hold full responsibility for the passports?

Your passports will be in the possession of the Muttawaf who is responsible for American pilgrims.

Payment, Cancellation & Refund
What is your refund policy?

Once your visa is processed and/or after Aug 1st, 2012 NO refunds will be available. A written notification must be sent to cancel your reservation. Request received by July 1st, 2012: $500 cancellation fee per person Request received by Aug 1st, 2012: $1500 cancellation fee per person

What is your cancellation policy?

A written notification must be sent to cancel your reservation. Request received by July 1st, 2012: $500 cancellation fee per person Request received by Aug 1st, 2012: $1500 cancellation fee per person (Please note after Aug 1st, 2012 or once the visa is processed no refunds will be available.)

Are there any hidden fees in the packages?

No there are no hidden fees in the package, except all the packages do not include Hajj fee and animal sacrifice.

When is the deadline for the payment?

To confirm your reservation a minimum deposit of $2000 per person is required. If you want to pay in installments then second payment of $3000 per person is due by June 30th and the remaining balance is due by July 20, 2012.

How much is the deposit per person?

The Minimum deposit is $2000 per person.

Reservation & Documents
What is the first step to make my reservation?

Online: You can register online, scan a copy of your passport and mail/hand deliver your check for deposit for $2,000 per person. On Site: If you don’t have online access you can contact Al Noor Hajj representative (954-465-3446) to get reservation form along with a copy of your passport and deposit of $2,000.00 / person. Note: Your reservation will not be confirmed until Al Noor Hajj receives your deposit.

What happens after I make a reservation and pay the deposit?

Once you have submitted the reservation form and paid the deposit you will receive a confirmation, a visa application, and an invoice of your remaining balance.

What is the next step after I send my remaining balance and proper documents?

Al Noor Hajj Group will start visa processing, while confirming your land package, as well as you flight itinerary. Once everything is complete you will receive a package with your day-by-day itinerary, passport with visa, airline tickets, and final invoice, confirmation, and your identification card and luggage tags.

After I receive my complete package with all finalized documents, what is next?

You must review all documents and confirmations to make sure there is no mistake in the arrangement made for you. If there are any mistakes please make sure to contact Al Noor Hajj Hajj Group as soon as possible so we may be able to correct it. Please note that this does not mean you can make changes in your reservation.

What happens after I receive the invoice and my confirmation?

Please fill out the visa application and provide us with the required documents needed for the visa. Mail or hand deliver all the documents to us so we can process your visa and all other required procedures. You will also need to review your confirmation to ensure that your reservation is accurate. If you need to make changes to your reservation you must do it as soon as possible, as your reservation will not be changed after a certain period of time.

When is the visa going to open?

Every year visa will be open from 20th Shawwal and close 25th of Zil Qadah.

Can I get a visa without a package?

No! Al Noor Hajj cannot get you a visa without the purchase of the Hajj package.

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